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All American Awards & Engraving Co.

All American Awards & Engraving

Superior Engraving Services by Dedicated Experts

Services We Provide

We are highly skilled in various methods of engraving, such as laser engraving and sublimation. Using our expertise, we can precisely perform every part of the process and deliver detailed results.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving involves a specialized laser that fires a beam with a specific frequency. This method allows us to engrave a variety of materials, from plastics to metals, with unparalleled precision. In most cases, we “colorfill” the engraved area to add definition and contrast.


Since there are many types of plastic, we choose the ones with heat-resistant properties, which allow them to withstand the laser during the engraving process. Badges and nameplates are just some of the plastic products we offer where laser engraving is best used.

Metals (Raw and Coated)

Raw metal is frequently used in recognition products because it engraves well. Since the kind of metal used determines the final appearance of the product, our team can help you choose the one that suits your needs.

Metals with coated or painted surfaces are also great for engraving. Once the laser beam burns off the surface, the core metal underneath is revealed. This creates an attractive and elegant finish.

Rotary Engraving

Rotary engraving is a technique that utilizes a rotating cutting tool and a motorized spindle. This method can be used on a broad range of materials, with plastic, brass, and aluminum being the most used in the industry.


To achieve highly detailed images, sublimation is the best process to use. This method is done using ink, paper, a heat press, and specialty coated materials to transfer a full-color photo to the final product. Recognition plaques, ID tags, and coffee mugs are just some of the items where sublimation is ideal.


You can purchase recognition and promotional products from us for engraving, or you can bring your own. View our gallery to see our full catalog of customizable products.

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